All items are blessed in Sacred Healing Ceremony.  Below you will find a picture that was taken during the beginning of a Blessing ceremony during Earth Day and Full Moon.  These healing beauties are cleansed and charged with Sound Healing, Mantras, Reiki, and much more!

It is still good for you to cleanse them when you receive them, specially the Yoni Eggs.  I personally enjoy to softly cleanse them with a soft gauze moist with rum or vodka.  This may not completely sterilized the egg, so I then proceed to place them in a colander and carefully put them over boiling water steam (do NOT put them in boiling water, you can put them in boiled water that is comfortable to body temperature but they will stay more glossy if you just put them above the steam).

I then cleanse them with Palo Santo.  You can choose any cleansing herb that resonate with you.

After this, it is time to connect energetically and set the intention for your work together.  You can use this video to  have an idea of how to attune yourself with your new healing friend, however, I recommend to follow this process in your Sanctuary space or even inside your bed because you will be working with this Crystal very intimately:


When you feel that the moment to work with your Crystal has arrived, ask your yoni, womb and or breasts, whether this is in alignment with your body and soul at this moment.  If the answer is yes, proceed to work with your Crystals.

To insert the Yoni Egg in your sacred yoni make sure to have the largest part above.  Once inserted, you can lie down or do your regular daily activities or work in a kegel routine to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Fof further details on how to use this Sacred Crystals, Oils and Herbs as well as in depth Divine Feminine healing and embodiment of your Goddess expression, you can purchase the Instructional Video (available right below this segment) or join Awaken The Goddess Within.

Blessings and Love, Beloved Sister!  Victoria

Yoni Eggs

YONI EGG APPROXIMATE SIZES ~ Medium 30mmx40mm Large 40mmx50mm
Nephrite Jade is authentic Jade in a deep dark green color.


Heal with Yoni Eggs and much More!  ~ Instructional Video

Yoni Eggs, Breast Massage Crystals, Yoni Steam Herbs, Physical Exercises and more!

Ben Wa Balls

BEN WA BALLS APPROXIMATE SIZES ~ Small 25mm  Medium/Large 30mm-33mm

Organic Herbs & Oils

Breast Massage Oil with Gems
Yoni Steam ~ Organic Herbal Formula (5 Steams)

Breast Massage Crystals


Awaken The Goddess Within

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