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One of the highest most sacred healing paths I found and it is intimately related to Divine Sexuality and Sacred Union.  Work with natural Crystals, Oils and Herbs for the healing of your Goddess Body, your sacred inner temple.

Enjoy 100% Natural Yoni, Breast and Womb Care with Healing Crystals, Herbs and Essential Oils.  All items are 100% safe, authentic and free from enhancements so that you can have the most natural and powerful experience.  The beautifying ingredient is a small amount of food-grade wax from the carnauba palm tree, the rest of the gorgeousness is brought by the Crystals themselves!

Yoni Eggs

Natural Crystals are diverse and organic unlike glass, so each egg is unique and some natural formations may appear as lines, rainbows, cracks or other.  Because of this and because of the intimate nature of this items, there are no refunds, unless there is proof of a damaged item.  All items are carefully inspection before shipping. 

If you are looking for something not in the above list, contact me using the below form and I may be able to help!

Many Blessings. Victoria


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