Sacred Sexuality Victoria Vives


Sacred Sexuality

with Victoria Vives

Sunday, April 1st, 12 noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern



Opening Hearts. Honoring Love. Experiencing Oneness.


In this workshop for both MEN and WOMEN you will learn:

  • The top three common sexual practices that sabotage your life
  • How to achieve success and increase creativity in every aspect of your life through sexuality
  • How to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually by channeling sexual energy
  • Practical tools and techniques to awaken and develop your Sacred Sexuality
  • How to move beyond sexual trauma into Sacred Sexuality
  • How to transform damaging mindsets and practices in mainstream sexuality

Event includes Live & Recorded Access.


Double Webinar Package:

2 Webinars for only $27!

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Sacred Sexuality with Victoria Vives
April 1st






About Victoria Vives:
Victoria is a Visionary traveling internationally as a Sacred Sexuality facilitator, Shamanic Teacher, Energy Healer Teacher, Artist, Author, and Speaker. A challenging past, born in Spain during dictatorial rule in a household of three maternal figures, including mother, grandmother, and aunt while also attending an all-girls catholic school. This has given Victoria a unique, first hand insight into the gifts of the feminine force as well as the profound distortions between feminine and masculine in modern society.

An iconoclast and champion for truth and love, Victoria has broken the mold of social norms on all levels in order to herald a new spiritual paradigm and era of holistic consciousness that reintegrates the power of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.

Victoria now offers gatherings at her Goddess Temples in Los Angeles and Spain and facilitates Divine Feminine courses worldwide at

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