Awaken the Goddess Within Online Program Orientation

* If you have already reviewed the orientation, you may proceed to the Goddess Temple to begin your Goddess training.

“Awaken the Goddess Within” is an interactive online program combining video snippets, audios and transmissions, video guided follow-along exercises, instructional articles, charts, pictures, a private Facebook group, and home assignments. The recommended way to experience this program is by logging into the website and streaming the media directly.  In this way, you may also easily access any related materials or tools.  Some materials may also be downloaded for your personal use offline.

The processes and work performed in this program proceed from diverse practices all around the world, from direct revelation and also have been passed on from my Sacred Sexuality lineages. They can be intense and it is important that you allow yourself both time and a safe physical space for your practice.

Before beginning any training session, make sure to clear your mind and leave your day-to-day occupations aside for the duration of your session.  A good way to do this is by focusing on your breathing, listen to relaxing music, or simply relax in quiet space for a few minutes.  You will also find a video on how to create your Goddess Sanctuary and a follow-along video for a Malas & Mantras Practice.

An important part of our work together will be the 7 Gates Transmissions. You can listen to the first one here 1st Gate ~ The Lips of the Yoni.

Review the below checklist before starting any practice session:

Pre-Session Checklist
~ Minimum 30 minutes of uninterrupted time ~ Quiet space ~ Comfortable yet Goddess-like clothing ~ Calm mind & Soul ~ Set your intention for this practice ~ Proceed to the Goddess Temple!

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